Prof. Ludwik Halicz

Prof. Ludwik Halicz is a grade A+ (equivalent to full professor) researcher emeritus at the Geological Survey of Israel and professor University of Warsaw, Biological and Chemical Research Centre. He was born in Krakow and in 1969 immigrated to Israel. Prof. Ludwik Halicz has a long-years’ experience in analytical chemistry and isotope geochemistry; for more than 20 years he headed the GSI Geochemistry Lab. Currently, Prof. Ludwik Halicz involved in several research projects regarding development and implementation of analytical methods for analysis of „non-traditional” stable isotopes by MC-ICPMS and serves as a co-supervisor for 3 PhD students.

Professor Halicz is the author or co-author of 132 peer-reviewed scientific publications which received citations 4626 (H-Index 36).