Dr. Ishai Dror

Dr. Ishai Dror is an accomplished environmental chemist specializing in developing, characterizing, and analyzing chemical and physical reactions and processes within aquatic environments, soils, and porous and fractured groundwater systems. With a strong focus on the reclamation and remediation of contaminated water resources, he is dedicated to advancing novel technologies for treating water contaminants. Dr. Dror’s expertise lies in investigating the degradation and transformation of soil and water contaminants using innovative methods tailored to environmental conditions and constraints. He actively explores strategies to prevent contaminant intrusion and remediate groundwater polluted by emerging contaminants, such as persistent organic pollutants, nanoparticles, PPCPs, halogenated substances, and technology-critical elements. His comprehensive approach involves designing and conducting laboratory experiments to study flow dynamics, chemical transport, precipitation/dissolution processes, and groundwater remediation. In recent years, Dr. Dror has expanded his research to include medical and environmental health studies, utilizing his training as an environmental chemist. He has contributed significantly to the field, publishing over 85 peer-reviewed papers in leading environmental chemistry and hydrology journals, coauthoring two books and seven book chapters, and holding eight patents. Dr. Dror’s scientific contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the „Inventor of the Year” award in 2008 from Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd. (shared with Brian Berkowitz) and the 2015 Weizmann Institute Scientific Council Prize for Outstanding Staff Scientist. Having completed his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2001, Dr. Dror joined the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2001, and since 2016, he has held the position of Senior Staff Scientist there.